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Newbie strategy guide

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Just some strategies that were on the former cybots.info:

Kalorful's popular strategy:

lcore Kalorful


Vulcore Stratagems

k after buying a val, buy 1 argon laser and ion v2 reactor. go to training, and fight until ure val gets to ai 1. leave, sell the argon laser, buy 2 baron lasers, 2 baron shields, phase mod and motion tracker. 

go to patrol, dont fight ANYTHING unless its scaven at a destryoed outpost, until u find a mercenary outpost. do tag missions until u have 12 mercreds, still not attacking most things. (if u find a distress call do go ahead and destroy/rescue the squad tho)when u get 12 mercreds, hire a praetor merc, and start doing crystal missions. starting now, u can attack tag droids and anything in caves. when u get 10 mercreds, hire a centurion if ure going - align, or another praetor at 12 mercreds if ure getting angels later on. keep doing crystal missions until u have another 12 mercreds, and hire an orbie. 

now, take the scaven mission and set off looking for a scaven settlement. in the meantime, only investigate farms and demand tribute/attack workers if possible, dont fight any squads. in fact, dont fight anything here unless its warriors defending a burial mound. when u find a settlement, contact caven and help them, unless u are going angels then take either mission, and get scaven mercs at the end. now keep walking around scaven until u have -25 or 25 align, and attack everything except towers/forts ONLY if u have exp x3 or more. 

once u have enough align for greed/enrichment, head out to vulcore. go back and replace any mercs if necessary. hang around vulcore for greed/enrichment, and if ure boss tells u theres some sort of ritual going on, break up the party and kill them all =). 

once u get greed, attack everything except for renegade battle formations, bases, and dont go into canyons/lava/plateau/outposts, dont fight angels, just tribute mag tech segs if u see them, and DONT CLICK ON CONSOLES EVER! :p yeah losing greed really sux, so dont =). ok once u have 500k cash, deposit any crowns u may have at the first outpost, then leave patrol. upgrade to hydraulic workshop, buy 3 reaps, outfit them with 2 baron shields and em syphons, ion v2 reactor each. if ure val is ai 6-9, upgrade weap tech to 63 and buy 2 mr100s for it, dont use any more upgrades. if for some reason its ai 10 or more...then upgrade weap tech to 84, mod tech to 10, and reactor to 15, any more, put them on weap and get hr100's if u can. equip baron battery and mr100, 2 targeting subroutine mods, and the reactor + shields.ok, now with ure 3 reaps u shouldnt fear angels anymore, just drain the arch angel until its at -2000, then withdraw ure bots 1 at a time until theyre all out. u can also kill renegade bases now, just not base commanders. apart from bases and destroyed outposts, try not to attack anything until u get to an merc outpost again. now, if u had mercreds left over from last patrol, then hire an orbie, zodiac, and copius, or another zodiac. if u dont, then go do crystal missions until u have enough to hire them (47 or 52 mercreds). 

after that, go do scaven mission and get mercs, just like b4. once u get mercs, hang around scaven like b4 except u can attack towers and forts now, just be warned: you can find malevolent matriarchs at any bm, and tho the chance is smaller now, coming across 1 could easily waste a lot of ure time and kc. 

ok, now get at least 60 mercreds/6 crowns, and then go to vulc. from now, ure main goal is to find as many azras as possible, which means dont go to plateau, and try not to fight too many things other than tag droids and bases. 

once u have around 230k cash, and ure reaps are at least at ai 5, then deposit any crowns at the first outpost u see, and leave patrol. upgrade weap tech to 54 on ure reaps, and reactor to 10. buy 2 syphon elites and an ion flux reactor for each, do not use any spare upgrade points. ure val wont need any outfitting this time unless its just got to ai 10, in which case upgrade as i said above ^^. right, now u can kill base commanders hooray! find an outpost, same deal as b4, try not to attack anything that wont be useful. hire a copius, a zod, and an orbie. go to scaven, get the mercs, but this time dont attack forts, theres a much higher chance of getting a malevolent mat =(. 

now once u get ure mercs, as long as u have -35 align or more, go to vulcore and get greed. kill as many base commanders as possible now, as well as angels, but remember not to access any consoles, just leave if u get the option. also, once ure greed runs out, (any lava fields u find are good, and also plateau, just dont go to either if u have greed) get it again, and same deal until it runs out. now, u should have at least 1.4 mil cash and ai 8 reaps, if u dont then stick around concentrating on going to lava fields and plateau to get ure cash up and preferably get bul tech. once u have the cash and ai, deposit any crowns, and leave patrol. 

upgrade to powered and tectronic, then buy a sent and an overseer, or 2 seers if ure going cysent, or dont mind missing a sent for now. buy a comwave scanner, security countermand, and anomaly detector. put all those on 1 seer. if ure using 2 seers, send the other one into training with an argon laser ion reactor and baron shield. get it to ai 1, then leave. upgrade its mod uplink to 27%, and buy 3 tsubs. if ure using a sent and seer, then put an ion v2 on the sent, and send it on its own to personal squad viewer. load up the virtual battle simulator, send it to test radius damage on shield and energy targets. auto the fight, and voila u lose 75 kc but its ai 2. trust me, much faster than sending it to training. anyways, put 9 upgrades into shield tech, and buy it 3 baron ii's. also put the motion tracker on it, better mods can be put on val/reaps. 

as for ure reaps, upgrade weap tech to 78, reactor to 15, if theres any left save them. buy each of them 2 syph disruptors, and an ion flux plus. put phase mods on the last 2 reaps, and a motion tracker on the first IF ure not using a sent, if u are then put a phase mod there as well. as for the val, same story as b4, upgrade if its at ai 10 or higher. btw, i recommend getting 2 seers even if ure going cyseer, that way ure reaps can be 100% accurate later. 

now, go get an outpost and hire a copius and 2 zodiacs. go to scaven, get scaven mercs, and if u have a scaven assault squad among them, hang around in there and u can kill malev mats =). 

once u have about 12 crowns, and at least -25 align, then go to vulc and go get greed. fight everything except renegade battle formations as usual, and dont go plat. when greed finishes, best case scenario is u have over 255 mercreds worth of crowns/mercreds, have bul tech, around 3 mil cash, have mag tech, and reaps are ai 10 :p. however, if u dont, then stick around plats and lava fields until u do (mag tech not necessary tho). soon as u meet those criteria (oh yeah i forgot if u want to use 2 crus and no buls, then dont go to plat. EVER.), deposit crowns, buy a storm shield and leave patrol. whee mc's next =). 

ahh mc's dont u love them. i assume ure using fallen here. HOPEfully u have -100 align+, if u dont, umm...stay in the patrol from b4 and go scaven, hunt for align. 

anyway, the upgrades for reaps first, coz theyre most important =). i like to use 2 immobs on 1 reap and immob/streamer on 2 more. u can use 2 immobs on each if u want, just use the upgrading for the 2 immob reap for all of them. 1st reap, upgrade weap tech to 122, reactor to 20, and add 2 upgrades onto weight. put 2 immobs, sub nuke reactor and phase mod on it. 

other 2 reaps, upgrade weap tech to 158, reactor stays at 15, and add 2 to weight. put an syph immob and a pulse streamer on each, make sure the immob is b4 the streamer. reactor and shields, and phase mod. 

oh and i forgot, upgrade ws to nanomatic :p. now if u dont have a sent already, buy 1 now, and outfit/train it as i said b4. if u got it last patrol, then upgrade shield tech to 60, reactor to 10, and save the rest. motion tracker on it still. 

for bul if ure using it, equip any baron lasers/auto cannons u may have in inventory, and send it to training. leave when it hits ai 1. upgrade weap tech to 22, and mod tech to 15. put a storm shield and comwave scanner on it, a shield disruptor and 3 avengers. best reactor u can afford, and 2 baron reflective shields. 

for val, put all ure upgrades into weap. if u have 142 or higher, then equip 2 hr100 rocket packs. if u dont, too bad just leave the weaps as is, doesnt really matter :P. put a security cuntermand and anomaly detector on it. 

now for seers...upgrade their mod tech to 40, and put the rest of the upgrades into mod uplink. if u got 1 seer and 1 sent last patrol, then buy another seer and put 3 mag accs on it. if u want to use 2 crus, and therefore didnt bother with bul tech, then buy another seer and put on 3 mag accs =). now, take the squad into personal squad viewer, and take a look at the stats of any reap. the speed of it should be higher than 70.4 (28%). now check the firerate. if it isnt over 20%, then ok keep that in mind. 

now go into vulc and find an outpost. hire 2 zods and an adverse IF ure firerate was 20% or more earlier, and hire a copius instead of 1 zod if it was less than 20%. now, take a tag droid mission and hang around vulcore looking for fallen. 

once u get them, do ure best to find lava fields and azras tourney. buy the coords from fallen if u find them first. once u find it, attack the master controllers. 1st turn, set the reap with 2 immobs on tammygotchi, the fallen leviathan baal on opto, 1 reap on crimsons, and another on hextra. click continue. if tammygotchi/crimsons/hextra isnt drained, put 1 of the immob/streamer reaps on the undrained bot, the 2 immobs reap on opto, and 1 on stonehead 2. if the 3 bots targeted 1st turn were all drained past -1500, then substitute that reap to drain fridge. click continue. 

from now it should be cinch, set ure reaps to drain anything that moves (isnt drained), starting with j4f. continue but be careful until u win =). 

select ure cy-bot, and leave lava fields. look for an outpost, and go to sulpher fields when u get there. basically, get crus tech. once u do, i advise u to go to outpost and buy azra coords, go to tourney and rake up the cash, then leave. 

Thunderslam's strategy:


Vulcore Stratagems

Allright guys heres how it goes. Get a Valadin. Raise it to lvl 1 in ccu training center. only buy it a argon laser 2 shields and phase modulator and motion tracker starting out. And when its lvl 1 get it 2 baron lasers after using 5 upgrade points and selling your argon laser. Then get mercreds enough to get prae,zod,and orbie. Then go get mad cash from azras. With the orbie you can get lavas more frequently. Then once you get about 550k. Upgrade workshop once and buy 3 reapers. once again get mercreds to hire zod, prae, orbie. Once you do this go raise your reapers to lvl 11 in scaven territory. And once you do this if you have neg align feel free to hire 2 zods,copius, scaven mercs and demolish master controllers. If not just get mad cash to upgrade ws to nano and get your 8 bot squad then go do sulphur till you get your crus tech. then get 1 or 2 crusaders. And then you should be about ready for talsia. And dont forget to only use your valadin till you get your 8 bot squad. After that your 8 bot squad should be something like 4 seers,sentinel,reaper,2 crus feel free to drop one or 2 for buls. I dont recommend it but do what you will! 
Have fun! 

Tips from Crimsons about getting Bulwark and Magma Technology:


Vulcore Stratagems

Most efficient way of getting technology is to kill squads for them. 

Magma Squads: Lava fields you need 250K BM or greater. 
Destroyers Squads: Plateau you need 100K BM or greater. 

A couple of reapers usually is plenty to take both squads out. For the bulwark squads, EM syphons reapers is enough with some mercs. For the Magma squads MKII / Elite reapers should be enough with some mercs 













One more by Kalorful: how to get the scaven shield:

Vulcore Stratagems

Aim: To acquire the Scaven shield SxD8. 

Equipment: Orbiter, Anomaly detector, Security Countermand, Scaven mercenaries, ability to defeat Matriarchs. 

Method: First 4 steps may be taken in any order you wish. 

1-Fiery/Fire rune: May be found in Magma labs when opened with a Security Countermand. 

2-Solar/Sun rune: Found after defeating the Sun Ritual on the Vulcore Plains. Must have Scaven mercenaries with you; when a warrior tells you there is a ritual going on check it out and fight your way to the Matriarch(s) to win the Solar rune and 4 Crowns. Best done at a low bm to ensure you only have 1 Matriarch as an adversary. 

3-Icy/Ice rune: Found in Scaven Settlements after defeating the Ice Queen. Anomaly Detector is needed to show you which Settlement is ruled by an Ice Queen (shows up as blue writing), and once you defeat it you win the Icy rune and 1 Crown. The Ice Queen will have 200 armour, and you can only fight it once. 

4-Lunar/Moon Rune: May be found in Sink Holes on the Vulcore Plateau. An Orbiter and an Anomaly Detector is needed for this step. The Lunar rune only appears in Sink Holes that have been discovered by an Anomaly Detector, and that has been booby-trapped to be defused by an Orbiter. 

5-Equip at least 1 of each rune onto 1 or more of your squad bots, and go to Scaven Territory. When you arrive at a Scaven Ziggurat, open it to acquire the shield SxD8. It will arrive in your inventory. 

Conclusion: Wow so THAT's what a Fiery rune is for............ 

Discussion: One used to be able to find the Firey rune in Firewells as well as Magma labs, but I don't think you can do so any longer. 


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